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IMG_0576Originally trained in Virginia Tech’s Cheatham Hall In Forestry and Wildlife Management, Pat Galliher the company operator, now brings the knowledge gained over 25 years of Wildlife and Land management to resolve your wildlife issues.  Virginia Tech has one of the leading programs in the country.  Intensive study in areas such as Wildlife Ecology, Population Dynamics, Trapping, Wildlife Identification give Pat the ability to understand why a certain animal is causing problems and gives him a wide knowledge base to solve your problem.

  • 25 years managing wildlife Forest management, game management, We have been managing wildlife and forest for our customers for nearly a quarter century.
  • Diverse skills In addition to our Animal Control services, we offer a diverse array of services including Forest Management, Game Management, and Backyard Habitat Improvement. No other company in the region can offer the services we do.
    • Advanced training Because of our advanced training we are able to bring a higher level of skills to solve your problems.  We have techniques available that homeowners do not have. Whenever possible, we strive to bring solutions to our customers that are long term.   Not only do we solve current wildlife problems, we try to resolve future wildlife conflicts.
    • We care about wildlife  –  All our work is done with sensitivity to the animals that we encounter.    Whenever possible, we use techniques that reduce stress to captured animals or use techniques that eliminate the need for capture altogether.
  • Located right here in the Bristol Area The company owner is a lifelong resident of the area and our office is located right here in Bristol not in Chattanooga or Nashville. If your problems come back we are here to help you out. We don’t give up till the problem is fixed.
  • Serving Residential, Corporate, and Municipal clients Through our years in businesses we have served a huge number of Corporate, municipal, and residential clients. Our client list includes the Tennessee State Park System, the city of Bristol Tennessee, City of Bristol Virginia, several local counties, and many individual residents. Project sites have been as far away as Crossville Tennessee and Bland County Virginia.