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Attracting desirable wildlife species to your property always means upgrading the habitat. We are proud to be the only company in this region who offers this type of service. All packages include labor for installation and mulch if necessary.
Planting packages will be installed once plants are dormant and can be transplanted without damage. This provides for superior plant quality and better growth. A 50% deposit must be made at the time of the order.



Habitat Renewal Packages

Wild Berry Package

Share some berries with your wild friends.  Enjoy watching the birds come to feed on the bounty of berries produced in the new habitat area you provide.  If the right plants are chosen, your children might even enjoy “feeding” there too.

Receive 5 native berry producing shrub species custom picked to suit your property and your wildlife goals.   Shrubs are grown in 3 gallon trade size pots or larger. This package includes one cubic yard of mulch.

$ 265


Nuts and Berry package

There you sit by your kitchen window gently stirring a bowl of warm oatmeal with blueberries and walnuts.  A brilliant blue flash just outside your window catches your eye.  A stunning Eastern Bluebird settles into the new planting you had the Wildlife Company install to sing a few notes and have breakfast with you.   Plant your Nuts and Berries Package this Fall or Spring.   Included are 5 native berry or nut producing shrubs and 5 large nut bearing trees.  Each planting is custom tailored for your property.



Whispering Tree Package

Remember the summer nights with the window open at your grandma’s house listening to the animals and bugs call outside?  The calming hush of the breeze blowing through the leaves.  Plant that sensation in your own yard.  Six large shade trees will provide habitat for you and your wildlife.  Each tree is has a trunk that is at least 1.5” in diameter and at least 10’ tall.

$500 Whispering Tree Package


Healthy Stream Feathered Migrant Package

An equal mix of Riparian (stream bank loving) seedlings and Live Stakes planted along your stream to help provide habitat for wildlife and crystal clear waters.  Planting your streambanks provides a natural filter for runoff, reduces sediment movement in the streambed, improves aquatic habitat, provides travel corridors for migrating bird species, and much more. This package includes 75 18-24” seedlings, 25 live stakes, and labor to plant.  Protective tree tubes are also available.

$275 Healthy Stream Feathered Migrant Package


Guilty Biologist Package

We really hate to disturb wildlife species, so to help mitigate our guilty feelings we want to offer some special planting packages to improve the habitat around your home.  This package is designed for songbirds and other wildlife species and is not designed to attract desirable wildlife species. Any homeowner who has had trapping work done is eligible for a discounted tree and two shrub mini habitat package once Fall or Spring planting season arrives.  The package includes one large 10’ tall nut bearing tree, two berry producing small tree\ shrubs, and mulch.

Package is $250 

Small Tree Big Mountain Package

Mother Nature starts with small trees and we can too.  This is a great package for anyone who wants to plant large areas of trees at a low cost and who has time to wait.  This package includes 100   18-24” bare root seedlings and the labor to plant them.  Protective tree tubes and weed mats can also be included.  Seedlings can be downsized for additional savings.

$320   Small Tree Big Mountain Package


Bat Roosting Structures

 All our bat roosting structures are built in our own shop from plans published by Bat Conservation International.    Bat houses are designed to provide the best roosting environment possible.    These roosting structures take on a new importance in light of the devastating White Nose Syndrome disease that is now decimating bat population across the eastern United States.  We are glad to sell just the roosting structures or to provide installation.

Call for pricing.



Consulting Packages

Many landowners enjoy getting their hands dirty.    We can’t blame them.  We do too.  That is why we do what we do.   But, most people need a little advice to get started.   That’s where we come in.   Our planning packages include a full site analysis, site maps, info on target species, recommendations to help you meet your goals, and thoughtful guidance along the way.   And, if you change your mind and want us to implement your management practices we would be glad to do that too.


Homeowners Special

This would be the perfect gift for the wildlife enthusiast who has everything.  Imagine the look on your grandmother’s face when she opens the gift certificate and learns that a parade of awe inspiring wildlife species will pass by the big picture window in her living room.

This plan is designed for city or country dwellers with less than 3 acres.  This is usually a generalized plan that allows homeowners to improve habitat for wildlife species that might inhabit their property.     But, this can also be a species specific plan that targets one highly desired species.


Rulers of the Sky Package

Anyone who purchases this consulting package will learn what they can do to bring some of the most awe inspiring bird species on the planet to their property.   This includes, owls, hawks and falcons.   A full range of topics are covered in this plan including nesting sites, prey abundance, current habitat analysis, and needed habitat changes.  This consulting package is only available to those whose property meets certain basic habitat requirements.  This plan covers up to 100 acres.


 Hunters Special

You are heading to your tree stand.  A fresh blanket of snow covers the ground and a few stray flakes drift through the air.   You notice fresh tracks and follow them only a short distance, the snow crunching under your feet.  As you push aside a snow covered bough there he is, the shot of a lifetime…..  The Hunters Special makes your hunts more special.  This plan property is conducive to the species that they wish to hunt.

$300 plus $1.50 / every acre over 200