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Who left these tracks
30 Sep, 2014. 0 Comments. . Posted By: Pat Galliher

These tracks were left by raccoons.  Raccoon prints are very hand like and have very distinct “fingers”.   Raccoons can use their “fingers” to grasp like humans.

When I took these pictures there were many prints to be photographed.  A small group of raccoons were responsible for several groups of prints.  There were several raccoons in this group; and these guys were very destructive!   It looked as though there had been a “raucous raccoon party”.

Raccoon populations have been on the rise and more homeowners are having problems with this species.  Other problems are also associated with the rise in raccoon populations.   A local animal control officer mentioned that the incidence of Rabies is on the rise.  Last year there were over 80 confirmed cases in our county.   Long ago, years would pass without a recorded case.


Keeping pet food and garbage secure often helps prevent wildlife problems around the house.

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